Update to our Branding

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It’s already been four years since we opened, so we decided to make some updates to our branding, by rethinking it on the concept of Riot, of good design, and how the company has developed over the years.

The new corporate identity includes a revised and simplified version of the logo, now interrupted by a dot, as direct reference to our new domain: https://riot.design

For the graphic part we have revised the color palette to make it more unique and directly related to the Riot theme: extensive use of deep blue and cold gray, with the occasional use of a red-orange. Used within the right context, the colors can remind a urban scene late at night, with concrete, buildings and lights.


Lastly, to give a unique touch to our branding and to combine everything with a defined theme, we turned to Alessio Rosati, aka TraumArt , which has made for us some drawings based on the Riot theme. They are compositions of scenes and characters referring to street art, graphic design and web, and Riot Design as well, thanks to the inclusion of some easter eggs like our Knight & Dragon.

Up here you can see the video of the making of one of these drawings, available in 4K. We are sure that all the efforts behind this redesign will bear fruits in terms of image, but we also hope to serve as inspiration to others, to share the desire to always do good design.


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