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How many times have you hit the road to make a nice picnic on the weekend, but when you got to the area you were caught in a downpour? Or you got up late in the morning, and tried to get to work you ended up in endless lines due to an accident or some unreported road works?

Thanks to these five useful social applications you will have a much better chance of arriving on time to work or to find wonderful days for your picnics.

WAZE (Free)


Waze could not be excluded from the list: A navigation system based on the updates of its community (70 million users), which updates the maps and reports traffic conditions during the trip.

Thanks to this application you can really save your time and your money, avoiding traffic, speed cameras or roadblocks that may put a spoke in your wheel.

Driving with Waze turned on, you can, like other users, provide information on traffic and road conditions in real-time . You can report incidents as well as their severity, the exact location of checkpoints or speed cameras, or recommend a low cost distributor. Each alert will earn you a score and new customizations for your avatar.

The only problem with this application is definitely the battery consumption. If you use it, make sure you have a charger in your car.



Metwit is an application based on geo-location, that provides real-time weather conditions. The users of this app report weather changes during the day, with pictures and comments, to help you plan your trips and your outdoor activities.

You can also comment and attach photos or thank with an “umbrella” badge who did a weather report that has been useful.


Social Parking app

Social Parking is an app that answers to one of the most common questions that afflict motorists: Will I find parking?

This app works in the simplest way possible: Thanks to the geo-location allows you to find the nearest and most recent parking marked as free by users of the same app.

Select your a nickname, choose your “auto avatar” and whenever you find a free parking spot, report it. By reporting you will climb the rankings, and you’ll also make the community grateful, especially in big cities where parking is one of the biggest problems ever.



BlaBlaCar is the app of the largest European network of ride sharing, connecting motorists that offer vacancies in a car with others who wish to travel the same route.

If your train ticket or plane is too expensive and prefer low cost or even free options, you can search between thousands of available offers across Europe.

The app allows you to insert your passage offer , specifying the day and time of departure and arrival destination, and if you want, a contribution requested from the person who will be the taken on board. In addition to this, you can also draw up the rules and regulations inside your car, for example if you do not want someone on board to smoke, to transport animals etc..

Users of the app and of the website will be able to contact you if they need a ride to the entire road, or for a short distance.

To avoid fake users or scams, it is required to register, upload a picture and a description. In addition to this small precaution, all users after the trip will leave feedback that will be visible and useful to the whole community.

In order to contact a user who offers a passage, you can use in-app messages, or, for those who have provided the number, call them directly with a single tap.



With Minube you can discover the best places to visit, where to eat or sleep, shared by travelers like you. Share real-time photos or videos of the place where you are, and if not there yet, add it to your “places to visit” list.

Adding new posts to these lists, your friends and the entire community will be able to take advantage of your advice or to see photos and videos of the beautiful places where you have been. These lists can also be made private or shared only with those who want it.

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