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In the last months we received several requests for the development of e-commerce websites, and having always developed ‘representative’ sites, we thought it best to thoroughly study everything related to the world of pay per click advertising on google, the lifeblood of any successful e-commerce site.

In the ‘brand’ websites that we usually design, the competition is played on SEO in its purest form, ie optimizing the content of the site and its code, to get a better ranking than others on search engines.

The very fact that all the most widely used e-commerce continue to propose Paid ADV on google or banners on partner websites (YouTube for one), makes it clear that they really are fundamental in this field. This is obvious for a little new shop that nobody knows, but could not Amazon do without it? From what we can see, clearly no.

To all professionals and agencies who wish to propose Google AdWords campaigns to their customers, Google offers the Partners program, which allows them to appear in the homonymous index.

Who is eager to begin the path to become Partner has access to an extensive guide (many with videos!) to AdWords as a reseller, which truly enables to achieve results that would be impossible with only intuition. AdWords is actually a fairly complex web application.

To demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and become a Partner, Google requires a minimum spend (not well defined) in 90 days through all your campaigns, and a ratio of clicks per impressions above average also you need to pass at least 2 of the 3 tests proposed: Basic Principles of Advertising , Advanced Search, Advanced Display Advertising.

Google AdWords test

If you are interested in using AdWords as reseller or for yourself, and even if you do not have the intention or the possibility to achieve the required minimum spend (I suppose it’s several hundreds of euro per month), I recommend you to read the handouts and try to take the tests. The frenzy of the 2-hour time limit for approximately 90 questions is a great incentive to open the guide on another tab and get an education on the subject even at the time.

After passing the questionnaires, thanks to the information gathered, in some of our campaings the ratio of clicks per impressions has increased from 0.5% to about 3%. We also understood how it’s possible to make campaigns whose gain is guaranteed and calculated on the basis of conversions that you will get through them. And that’s why even the largest e-commerce sites can not avoid using AdWords: No other advertising medium provides this type of guarantee.

Images and video: Google Partners .

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